Spain – market with huge potential

Spain is an important trade partner for Poland. In spite of the growing year by year trade between both countries, the potential for cooperation between Polish and Spanish entities still does not seem to be fully used. For years Poland has been obtaining a positive balance of trade with Spain – exporting more than importing.

To the Iberian Peninsula Polish companies mainly send machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, vehicles and vessels, plastics, rubber products, base metals and food products (primarily dairy and meat), as well as furniture and toys. In total, the share of Spanish consumers in the export of Polish products is less than 3%. On the other hand, goods imported from Spain account for less than 2.5% of Polish imports, mainly focusing on agri-food products – predominantly fish, fish products and other seafood, as well as olives and olive oil, wine and fruits – mainly citrus fruits, products of the chemical industry, water and air transport units, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment and base metal products.

But not only in simple trade there are huge opportunities offered by the Spanish market for Polish entrepreneurs. Spain is primarily a gateway to the Latin American markets – with their natural resources and inexhaustible resources of raw materials. Every global Ibero-American company has its representative in Spain, due to its language and cultural identity, treating the Iberian Peninsula as a bridgehead for expansion in Europe.

A few decades ago, Poland was a rather exotic destination for Spanish entrepreneurs –  especially for Latin American. However, currently, there is a growing interest in economic exchange between the markets of Spanish-speaking countries with Central and Eastern Europe. Poland, as the largest state in the region – setting a natural bridge between West and East – attracts Iberian entities as well as South American countries, creating an ideal place for their possible development and entrance for the markets of Central and Eastern European countries.

However, Spain is not only a market for Polish industrial products or a supplier of excellent food products for Polish tables. The Mediterranean character of the country and the strongly developed tourism sector together with good infrastructure make the real estate market on the Iberian Peninsula a key goal for those who value reliable and proven investments. A wide range of various types of real estate in coastal regions, as well as interesting, foreign investors friendly solutions existing in Spanish law, make investing in real estate possible even for small entities who are willing to allocate their capital in a more risk-free way but with a guarantee of achieving measurable profits.

Author: Michał Zbigniew Dankowski 

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