Investment loan is a form of public relief assistance which can be used to support development of a company by financing various kinds of investments, including:

-modernisation or refurbishment of place of business
-purchase of new commercial space
-purchase of fixed assets such as specialised devices, machines, or vehicles.

Liquidity loan is a form of public relief assistance which can be used to pay existing and recurring debts of a company related to its business activity. The loan can be used to cover overdue and current costs such as:

-rent of commercial space
-electricity bills
-workers’ salary
-fuel for vehicles owned by the company
-repayment of other instalments and obligations.

Both investment and liquidity loans are extremely competitive and inexpensive. Their interest rate ranges between 0% and 2%, which does not include the WIBOR (Warsaw Interbank Offer Rate).

Remuneration for SOFOS POLAND is payable only after the loan is granted and funds are transferred to the Client. We use a two-scale method to determine our remuneration:

-for loans above 80.000,00 PLN – 5% of the sum of the loan

-for loans below 80.000,00 PLN – fixed rate of 4.000,00 PLN

Uncertain times require proven and substantive measures. Many legal provisions which govern business activities and rules on eligibility to receive public relief assistance change rapidly and they may prove difficult to grasp for many entrepreneurs.

This is why SOFOS POLAND has prepared a COVID-19 assistance package. It includes:

-debt collection, including calls for payment, contact with debtors via e-mail and telephone, debt collection in the field, as well as administration of court and executive proceedings

-COVID-19 analysis – selection of available means which can be undertaken as a response to the current situation, which may include assistance in negotiations with landowners, bank, and other creditors,

– research of available financial programmes, non-repayable subsidies and other forms of public assistance, as well as assistance in drafting of necessary documents,

– possibility to perform additional services – legal counselling, attorney service in court and administrative proceedings, preparation of legal analysis or assistance in accounting of funds granted by the Polish Development Fund.

If you are not sure, which one of our broad range of services suits best your needs, we invite you to get in touch with our experts. After a short interview, we will be able to offer you just the best solution which your company needs!