The form of a business entity recommended by SOFOS POLAND.

It enables the separation of business activity from the personal assets of partners along with the limitation of liability in case of possible failures.

A Limited Liability Company is the solution that allows to run a business without the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

The tax rate of the company – the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) – depends on the time of its existence and the amount of its revenues. The corporate tax is currently 9%, 15% or 19%.

Setting up  Limited Liability Companies we determine:

  • principles of cooperation between partners
  • proportions of profit distribution
  • investor entry options
  • a procedure of withdrawal from the company
  • a manner of its representation

As part of the company’s establishment, we offer full knowledge of its operation, holding General Meetings, appointing board members, proxies or creating foreign Representative Offices.

We advise in taxation – depending on the planned revenues we can optimize it accordingly.

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