Setting up a business in the form of companies regulated by the commercial law – capital companies and partnerships – is one of our key areas of activity.

We represent companies in the appropriate institutions such as the National Court Register, the National Tax Office or entities granting consents and licenses during the establishment of a business entity.

The gained experience allows us to adjust an appropriate structure to the presented idea, the number of shareholders or planned revenues.

We provide ongoing legal consulting concerning the distribution of profit, methods of withdrawing funds in the form of dividends or remuneration of the board.

We prepare and verify contracts regarding:

  • the investor’s entry into the company
  • capital or personal changes in the company
  • increase of capital
  • changes in the articles of the company’s agreement
  • non-competition agreements
  • protection of intellectual property rights

Our team consists of experts – including the fields of new technologies, IT, medicine or real estate which allow us to approach to the presented problem comprehensively – with an indication of the risk possibilities and ways how to reduce them.