By outsourcing legal and tax services, SOFOS POLAND provides ongoing control over the  undertaken activities through specialists suited to the given industry.

By means of permanent legal and tax services, we provide ongoing access to specialists from various legal departments in the price which is a much more favorable solution in comparison to the lawyer employed on a permanent basis whose advices are based only on his knowledge without wider perspective.

Our work depends on the client’s needs. The agreement with us foresees our readiness to provide services without delay. We can distinguish the possibility of ordering a single consultation or an entire package of services and permanent participation in the company’s activities.

The benefits connected with the permanent legal and tax services for the company:

  • increased security – through constant and comprehensive service the company can operate more efficiently and reduce the risk associated with the emergence of legal problems
  • favorable terms of cooperation – a company can comfortably use legal assistance whenever it is needed
  • cost savings – when a company decides for the permanent legal and tax services, then it incurs lower costs than in case of one-time orders as well as does not have to maintain its own legal department which is also associated with high costs
  • quick help – the company can receive services in shortened time, also by phone or e-mail
  • comprehensiveness of service – as we mentioned earlier, the service is very wide and can be suited to the company’s needs

The permanent legal and tax services include:

  • solving current legal and tax problems of the company
  • preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts and other documents
  • debt collection
  • litigation

Please contact us to find out more about the presented service.