Financing business activities in the form leasing is one of the simplest and most advantageous forms of obtaining funds.

Due to tax benefits, leasing has become a very attractive method of financing fixed assets.

This financial instrument becomes more and more popular in Poland – the offer regarding the subject of leasing possible to finance, as well as business entities that can apply are constantly expanding.

SOFOS POLAND offers as a company cooperating with the largest leasing companies on the market,among others:

  • Leasing for start-ups
  • Leasing of cars, vans and lorries
  • Leasing of machines and devices
  • Real estate leasing
  • Leasing for Polish entrepreneurs earning income abroad
  • Leasing for foreign entrepreneurs
  • Leasing of agricultural equipment
  • Technology leasing (including for the medical and IT industries)

Thanks to experienced financial experts, we are able to find the optimal solution which is suited to needs of an entrepreneur.

We provide an opportunity to negotiate terms of already received offers on behalf of the client and formal assistance on the way client-supplier-lessor.