Bond issue is a special type of project financing. We can distinguish private placement and publicly offered bonds.

These types require investors who we can provide as SOFOS POLAND.

The main benefit of debt financing is a tax advantage. Interest on bonds is tax-deductible – reduces the tax base and tax due.

We recommend the issue of bonds in the case of the need to obtain amounts of money higher than those possible to obtain through other ways of financing such as bank loans.

The main advantages of the issue of bonds are:

  • No repayment of principal – only interest is repaid on a regular basis and capital only on the redemption date.
  • The possibility of the issuer to fix the date of bond redemption, the schedule of interest payment, the interest rate and its type.
  • The possibility to add additional options to the bonds, such as setting convertible bonds or bonds with the right of early redemption by the issuer or bondholders.

We gain our experience from the service of projects which value reaches PLN 100 million.